A Day For Truths

AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES, it is a day for truths. As all days are. Truth. Truth. Truth. Truth. It is repeated over and over, from every tree, every animal and bird, every cloud passing overhead, every whispering breeze. The message never varies, and never is there so much as an interruption for a lie. And one is suddenly, excruciatingly aware of the time and place in which we live, in our human world. In which half of our fellows prefer lies. Embrace and repeat them, nurture and defend them. For whom truth is annoying or irrelevant, even anathema. For whom lies become politics, become the ‘home team,’ become the air that is breathed.
Here among the trees and animals, truth is simply the way things are. The simple fact of life. And life, therefore, can exist, and thrive, and continue on. The air is clear and easy to breathe. The sounds of jays and squirrels and cardinals are easy on the ears. The breeze through the pine tops a hymn, comforting and sustaining. It is the way church ought to be, of course. A place of life and of truth. If only it were not such a contrast to the world beyond the pines… We wish you the sustenance of truth, and Good Sabbath.

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