Before all the books and the best-seller status, Douglas Wood was, first and foremost, a musician. Today he often performs with his musical ‘family,’ the WildSpirit Band, First Runner-Up in the Minnesota Bluegrass Association’s “Race for a Place” championship. With his trademark humor, ease and magical audience rapport, Doug fronts the band with vocals and expert wizardry on 12 & 6 string guitar, banjo, and mandolin–along with an unmatched ability to tell a story. Old friend Steve Borgstrom adds amazing hot licks and gorgeous supporting parts on the acoustic 6-string; while Doug’s son Bryan lays down the foundation with outstanding work on the bass.

Three part vocal harmonies are the band’s trademark, as they play great American music that comes straight out of the great outdoors–from Appalachian bluegrass to Mississippi blues, from Chuck Berry to Earl Scruggs to a small mountain of sparkling originals.

Douglas Wood and the WildSpirit Band–“like a prairie wind blowing through a concert hall!”