These are three of Doug’s most popular presentations for schools.

EarthSongs, EarthStories  

A program of songs and stories, laughter and painless learning, this presentation has been performed from coast to coast for tens of thousands of listeners of all ages. From a Native American legend of how mosquitoes came to be (complete with unexpected audience participation) to songs about frogs and fleas and the signs of rain, to the quiet pondering of our place in the universe, this program takes an audience on a gentle journey. Along the way Doug “transports his listeners back into the fabric of Nature” (1) and “reminds us of our unity with all of life.” (2) Doug’s most popular program for general school assemblies, (K-6) EarthSongs, EarthStories is also a perfect adjunct to any environmental education unit or event.

1 Des Moines Register; 2 Joseph Cornel, author of Sharing Nature with Children


A Writer’s Path: Motivation, Perspiration, Inspiration

The path begins with a young boy who was the poorest reader in his class and who hated school. It winds through the woods and waters of the North, through a growing love affair with nature, and finally with books as well. Doug recounts particular authors and experiences that had a profound effect on his life and career, and describes the long and difficult journey towards becoming a published author. As with any good journey there are highs and lows, doubts to overcome and dreams to realize. An excellent presentation for reading, writing, and literacy programs, for teachers and students alike. Questions from an audience or class are always encouraged.

The program is designed to empower students and teachers to pursue their own dreams and goals, including writing, and to emphasize the power and importance of reading.


Miss Little’s Gift: A Poor Reader’s Story

This inspirational program is based on Doug’s book recognized by the Smithsonian Institute.  Douglas was the worst reader in his class, contending with ADHD and dyslexia before anyone knew what those were. But he was lucky to have a special teacher who gave him the gift of books. Decades later, Miss Little is still giving, touching lives through Doug’s books and programs. Motivation for students and teachers alike, this message is about not giving up, overcoming challenges, and the vital importance of reading.


School Visit Resources  (click to download)

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School visit book order form (PDF). Please contact Doug if you need further information about how to order books for your school event.

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Douglas Wood BIO (PDF)

What people are saying about Douglas Wood (PDF).

The Earth Is A Spaceship-words (PDF)

The Earth Is A Spaceship-music (PDF)

Little Blue Ball – words (PDF)

Little Blue Ball – music (PDF)


Thank you again for sharing your many gifts with a Selim Center audience this week. I am so grateful. I have several pages of nice things that people had to say about your presentation. On this very cold day, I thought your heart might be warmed by hearing some of them.