Sermon Deals With Loss

ON THIS BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, our sermon deals with loss. Very near our cabin is a straight, tall, Deacon pine, 120 years of age. Still strong and green, it is infested with bark beetles and this week we must take it down and remove it—to protect the cabin and the forest. Several hundred yards away

Minnesota’s Great Mandolin Master

AS POSTED YESTERDAY, MINNESOTA’S GREAT MANDOLIN MASTER and composer Peter Ostroushko has passed away. In June of 2019 a group of wonderful musicians donated their time and talents to a fund-raiser for Peter and Marge. At the end of the concert a number of folks took the stage to close out the evening with Peter’s exquisite “Heart Of The Heartland.”

The Deacon Pines

HERE IN THE PINEY WOODS BY THE FATHER OF WATERS, it is warming up fast. Only 497 degrees below zero this morning.

Father Of Waters Lies Frozen

ON THIS COLD WINTER DAY, as the Father Of Waters lies frozen beneath an icy blanket, here is an excerpt from my summer essay, The Stick Throwers, from the book, “Deep Woods, Wild Waters.”