Good neighborliness

AT OUR PINE POINT CABIN HOME, we live at the end of a long and winding lane. It is my job to keep this lane cleared in the winter. Monday morning I went out to do my job, but found that the 27 year-old-but-like-new-mostly snowblower was broken. Being that I am not really the mechanical sort, that description will have

My New Year’s Wishes

AS WE APPROACH a New Year and look back at the old one, I find myself thinking of wishes and hopes. I find these thoughts are in accordance with recent news reports on millions Americans dealing with, and having trouble coping with, pandemic-induced stress. More, in a real sense, than we need to. Not because there is no threat. But

The extraordinary person at the heart

APPROXIMATELY 2021 YEARS AGO an infant was born (skeptics who doubt that he ever really existed advance a weak case, with more faith in skepticism itself than in evidence) likely in a cave-like space under a simple stone dwelling, to an unwed, teen-aged mother, delivered into poverty in a troubled corner of the world. About 33 years later he died,

A brand new DW book will be published in China

ON THIS SOLSTICE, it is perhaps a good time to reflect upon the dearest wishes we have for one another, on our next journey around the sun. In the spring, a brand new DW book will be published in China–our next door neighbors around the world. The book, with exquisite illustrations by Wendy Popp, is a new manifestation of an