Koda is Well

A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO, I let you all know about a little black kitten that came out of the woods one cold night, begging to be rescued. He was irresistible, and after many efforts to find where he came from, or find him a home, we ceased resisting. We named him Koda, and adopted him. Many of you have

On A Good Friday

ON A GOOD FRIDAY in which it seems there is more darkness than light in the world, with a horrific war, a lingering pandemic, and toxic politics amplified by ignorance and stupidity, it can be hard to think of hope. Light. Resurrection. Yet history and Nature and personal experience tell us it is always possible. Even probable. That within darkness

Every Day is Birding Day

WELL, IT APPEARS that I missed National Birding Day. And I’m sorry I did. But here at the Church O’ The Pines by the Mississippi, every day is Birding Day. We love and admire all the members of our congregation, but the feathered ones hold a special place in our Caretakers’ hearts. Sparky the Cardinal and his mate, and our

The Scene of New Life

ONE OF THE REASONS people often talk about a ‘return to nature’ is because it is essentially true. The natural world, the green and living Earth, the turning of the seasons, the rhythms of the primitive, of storms and sunrises, are all Home. This is the world from which we sprang, from which we have grown, to which we belong