My Next Memoir, entitled “A Wild Path.”

I AM NOW ABOUT 85% done with my next memoir, entitled “A Wild Path.” As the word memoir implies, it is a look back at a lifetime of experiences, many of them marvelous and wonderful and leading to a good place from which to write a memoir. But not all of them.

Angel Trumpet

AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES it is a beautiful autumn day. And adding to the beauty, by the cabin wall, is a glorious plant. Every year it waits until fall to bloom. And every year Kathy hopes that the frosts will not come too soon. It is called the Angel Trumpet, and it drenches the night air with fragrance

“Mike Link” My Great Friend

MY GREAT FRIEND Mike Link, on one of his river boat expeditions, has been spending the day traipsing around river town Alton, Illinois. Knowing my history of living there with my grandad and grandmother during childhood summers, he called to ask the address. Then sent these photos of my grandparents’ house—the house and yard and street I remember and love

Peace and Harmony

MY UNCLE WILBUR, whom I adored, used to love to tell me—whenever I was sad or upset—“Dougie, into each life a little rain must fall.” And then he would chuckle delightedly as if he had made up the saying himself, just at that moment. He was right, of course. But we also need sunshine. We need peace and harmony, as