AS HUMAN BEINGS, each of us has a ternary (3 options) choice to make—about our attitude toward life and the world around us. Upon reflection, the choice almost immediately becomes binary. The first choice is that you, or I, or any person, has a clear and complete understanding of How Things Are. The Way Things Work. As I say, with

Gibbous moon at the Church O’ The Pines

SOMETIMES, here at the Church O’ The Pines, when a gibbous moon dangles among the limbs of the tall timber, I can almost imagine I am camped on some old, favorite campsite, deep in the North Country wilderness. Of course, this is a favorite campsite, too; and in the times of Zebulon Pike and Schoolcraft, this, too, was wilderness. And

Church O’ The Pines this morning

THERE WAS NO POST from the Church O’ The Pines this morning, as I was visiting another sister church—the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Cloud. There we had a lovely reading/signing/mini-concert and visited with old and new friends. One notices that a U. U. congregation is very nearly as nice as our Church O’ The Pines group. Well, maybe just

THIS MORNING the Pine Point Woods

THIS MORNING the Pine Point Woods and the old cabin are coated with a strange substance. It appears to have fallen from the sky, although that is uncertain. In any case, the fluffy coating—not seen much this winter—is lovely, and makes it possible to track some of our friends of the forest. This morning we see evidence of the nighttime