ALL DAY LONG on Fawn Island

ALL DAY LONG on Fawn Island, squalls and thundershowers have been tossing their white heads and dragging their dark bellies across the lake. They growl and grumble in our direction but nothing comes of it. Meanwhile a single bluebell, rising amid the bear berry patch on Moonlight Ledge, keeps watch over Half Mile Island and down the Voyageurs’ Highway to

Tragedy And Carnage At The Church O’ the Pines

THERE WAS TRAGEDY AND CARNAGE AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES THIS MORNING, as the local fox pair came loping through, caught a gray squirrel, and continued loping down the lane with it—tail dangling from the jaws that dispatched it. A welcome breakfast for nearby Junior and Junior Miss. All was quiet in the church for a few minutes, until

Upcoming Musical Theater

THIS EVENING I WENT OUT TO PADDLE THE CANOE for an hour or so as I often do. Kathy said she would take that time to practice her singing, for an upcoming musical theater production she may audition for. While paddling I had time to reflect on all the remarkable talents this lovely lady has, and all the wonderful artistic/musical

A Red Fox Barking In The Yard

IT HAS BEEN A WILD AND WOOLLY DAY AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES. We awoke this morning to a red fox barking in the yard. Loudly. Sneaking out onto the deck, we watched it cross the open space, sitting and looking back from the direction it had come, barking, then moving a few feet and doing the same thing,