A Good Thing to Remember

AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES it is late July, and in the midst of political dysfunction, human ignorance and other annoyances, things are living and growing and blooming as they should. Which is reassuring and, on a Sunday morning, restorative. From its nest tree, the eaglet screams to its parents for more fish. Chipmunks chip. Red squirrels scold. Sparky

If the Muck Was Exposed

THE GREAT MUCKY MUCK said he still wasn’t through. Not after his lynch mob, his riot, his coup. It wasn’t enough–he still needed more, For the crowd to still love him, to chant, to adore. The fact that there wasn’t one brain in the throng Was no sort of problem, it made him feel strong! What brains had once been

Morning on the Deck

MORNING ON THE DECK at the Church O’ The Pines, and our older cat Simon enjoys a few quiet moments among flowers and bonsais, with the music of cardinals, nuthatches, and chickadees for a sound track. We enjoy them, too.

Junior—The Baby Bald Eagle

AND SO THE BIG DAY finally arrived at the Church O’The Pines. The day that Junior—the baby Bald Eagle from the nesting tree 150 feet from our Caretakers’ Cabin—after much squawking and debating, and should I or shouldn’t I, and maybe,maybe not—Junior decided. It was time. Time to fledge, to leave the safety and security of the only place he/she