A Classic Old Town Canadienne Canoe

YESTERDAY WAS A SPECIAL DAY. Long but special. A 16 hour round trip to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, where lives a very nice man named Dale. Dale has had, since 1985, a classic Old Town Canadienne canoe, with the original, gorgeous mahogany decks and gunwales. He bought it from the legendary designer and original builder, Ralph Frese, “Mr. Canoe,” at his equally

When The Mercury Topped 80

ON A MAY DAY AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES when the mercury topped 80, the Old Canoe, the vintage canvas boat cushion, and the early 1900’s canoe paddle called. And so off to the Church moat we went. In a world of strife and change and uncertainty, a canoe is an ancient and peaceful thing. On this day it

Spring Is Hesitant. Slow. Undecided.

HERE AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES BY THE MISSISSIPPI, Spring is hesitant. Slow. Undecided. One day it is here and the next day, maybe not. Snowflakes and raindrops alternate with sunbeams, but the temperatures remain consistently cold. Mostly. Our woodland frogs were singing two weeks ago but are now silent, and we are not sure if they are really

A Wild Path, The Follow-Up Book Is Nearing Completion

HI GANG; MANY OF YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH MY MEMOIR, “DEEP WOODS, WILD WATERS.” I’m excited to say that work on the follow-up book, “A Wild Path,” is nearing completion.Should finish this spring. Again, it will be a collection of essays anchored by my experiences in, and feelings for, the natural world. With special attention paid to the Canoe Country.