Koda is Home, Which He Never Left

MANY OF YOU know about our adopted black kitten Koda and have enjoyed following his adventures. And you know of our/my deep attachment to him. He stole my heart in about the first 30 seconds when he came up to me out of the dark woods on a cold March night this spring, hungry and wet and cold, but full

A social butterfly

YESTERDAY A NEW member of the Church O’ The Pines congregation showed up. A social butterfly, you might say, it would barely land long enough for the Parson to get a good look or snap a picture. Finally it paused for a few seconds on one of Kathy’s Impatience blossoms. This splendid creature, almost 5 inches across, is a Spicebush

The Sun’s Last Light

THIS EVENING from the Church O’ The Pines we gaze east across the river at mountainous thunderheads glowing in the sun’s last light. Beautiful to see, but they are always more beautiful when viewed from safely behind the front. Hoping all is well in eastern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

A Good Thing to Remember

AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES it is late July, and in the midst of political dysfunction, human ignorance and other annoyances, things are living and growing and blooming as they should. Which is reassuring and, on a Sunday morning, restorative. From its nest tree, the eaglet screams to its parents for more fish. Chipmunks chip. Red squirrels scold. Sparky