HERE AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES on Palm Sunday, we have no tropical fronds to lay before an honored Teacher. But snow is beginning to fall and it appears the pine boughs will soon be bending low. Nor have we hosannas to shout—although the blue jays are hollering enthusiastically. But we recall the story of a humble donkey bearing the Teacher, and our woodland congregation is familiar with humility. With the bearing of burdens and the strength to carry on and confront suffering and hardship.
It has been a relatively easy winter, but with the arrival of spring, winter has made a very late appearance. 16-18 inches of snow—heavy, wet snow—is on its way, we hear. And rain and freezing rain and wind and all manner of challenges. So we prepare. Fellowship Hall is well-stocked with all the favorites, and everyone is elbowing up to the tables. Sparky the Cardinal sang his solos this morning, and now flashes across the yard from tree branch to feeder. The squirrels have their stoles up over their shoulders. The chickadees find time to gossip as they flit from place to place. The tame little downy woodpecker that we call Sweetie Pie pecks at some last morsels of suet. The deacon pines straighten their shoulders and await the storm, and the eagles hunker down in the top of their nest tree.
Springtime can be hard in Minnesota. But we’ve all been through it before, and we will help each other through it again. Even the north wind seems to whisper, “This won’t last long, hang in there.” And of course, as the pine limbs sigh and bend, we are reminded once more of humility, and of the strength to accept what comes. Good Sabbath to all…

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