HERE AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES on Palm Sunday, we have no tropical fronds to lay before an honored Teacher. But snow is beginning to fall and it appears the pine boughs will soon be bending low. Nor have we hosannas to shout—although the blue jays are hollering enthusiastically. But we recall the story of a humble donkey bearing


IT’S BEEN A LITTLE WHILE since we’ve seen the cabin-in-the-woods look like this. With more to come. March might turn out to be our first winter month. Koda-the-forest-kitten is not happy. The congregation of the Church O’ The Pines is cold and hungry, so Fellowship Hall is open for business. We think about all our migrating friends heading back home

A light snow fell

AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, a light snow fell in the night, gentle as a benediction. Barely enough to frost the old deacon pines, but the aisles and pews of the forest sanctuary are white, and one can follow the tracks of the congregation members. Of course, many are right here on a cold Sunday morning, hobnobbing in Fellowship

THE WEATHER-MAKER at the Church O’ The Pines

AND THE WEATHER-MAKER at the Church O’ The Pines decreed that on this day we should have snow. Not a lot, just a dusting, but enough that it looks like December and not November. And with the addition yesterday of the cabin Christmas tree, with grandchildren on hand to help, the season is in full swing. The winds howled in

It is Beautiful

SCENES FROM PINE POINT/Church O’ The Pines, April 1, 2023. So beautiful.… But there is ice under all that snow, and we can’t help worrying about our owls’ and foxes’ ability to hunt. About our eagles in their pine-top nest, and about doves and robins and other migrants who have returned. As for ourselves, we worry about the spring flood