A light snow fell

AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, a light snow fell in the night, gentle as a benediction. Barely enough to frost the old deacon pines, but the aisles and pews of the forest sanctuary are white, and one can follow the tracks of the congregation members. Of course, many are right here on a cold Sunday morning, hobnobbing in Fellowship Hall. We are informed that the temperatures, finally feeling like January, will stay cold and get colder, and that more snow is finally on the way. This is, on the whole, good news, as this little community and its members are accustomed to genuine winters, are built for them, with the stillness, dormancy, and rest they provide. Hardship, yes, but also silence, and a serene beauty. We are not made for the constant activity and haste of warmer climes. Although the blue jays are hollering at a pretty good clip this morning, while the pileated woodpeckers cackle noisily. In the night the great horned owls boomed as the snowflakes fell. But all in all it feels… quiet. At any rate we welcome the snow and the cold, and wish you Good Sabbath, wherever you may be.

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