THIS MORNING the Pine Point Woods

THIS MORNING the Pine Point Woods and the old cabin are coated with a strange substance. It appears to have fallen from the sky, although that is uncertain. In any case, the fluffy coating—not seen much this winter—is lovely, and makes it possible to track some of our friends of the forest. This morning we see evidence of the nighttime

Valentines Day walk

THIS MORNING Kathy and I took a little Valentines Day walk. We decided to walk across the old Sartell bridge across the Mississippi—the only traffic bridge in existence when we first came here. In 1984 a new bridge was built, with the old one eventually transformed into a footbridge. But we had never hiked across it. So on this beautiful

AN INTERESTING Sunday at the Church O’ The Pines

THIS WAS AN INTERESTING Sunday at the Church O’ The Pines, as after morning services three congregation members we don’t always see showed up together. First there was a beautiful 6-point buck who scattered the squirrels and jays in Fellowship Hall. Just as he moseyed along, an 8-point buck arrived, and moments later a 10-pointer. These two proceeded, nose to

It is below-zero cold

AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES it is below-zero cold, as in 10 degrees less than no degrees at all! So Koda the Forest Kitten came out to help the parson-caretaker feed the birds. Who were all gathered in Fellowship Hall, including great numbers of pine siskins and goldfinches. We checked the holy water in the heated bird bath and

Cold January days

ON THESE cold January days, slaving away in the Writing Porch, sometimes one needs a little company. A Forest Kitten perhaps, curled up by the computer. Some smiling orchids in the corner. Or maybe a little tree, a recent rescue, just to watch over thiings and say, “All is well. Roots, rocks, green and living boughs… such things abide, whatever

A light snow fell

AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, a light snow fell in the night, gentle as a benediction. Barely enough to frost the old deacon pines, but the aisles and pews of the forest sanctuary are white, and one can follow the tracks of the congregation members. Of course, many are right here on a cold Sunday morning, hobnobbing in Fellowship

Time of year for garage cleaning

IT IS THE TIME of year for garage cleaning. Actually it’s past that time of year but this is when I’m doing it. Getting things ready for winter. One of the things I do is make sure my bonsais are ready to survive and thrive through the cold months. When I post pictures in the summer, many have asked about


AS THE LINGERING FALL gradually eases into winter, Koda the Forest Kitten is at a bit of a loss. It grows dark by 5pm, not 9pm. So curfew has been moved up considerably. And the same cold that has frozen the river also freezes his nose. And his toes. And his tail. And his ears. And although he is an

With the Kids and Grandkids Gone

WITH THE KIDS and grandkids gone, the white throated sparrows and many of the loons gone, and Kathy at home, it is up to me to drive north and drop by the island one last time. To check and double check locks and latches and odds and ends, to say a last goodbye to the ‘dear old cabin’ (99 years

The Sun Rises on Another Winter Day

Spring’s here

AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES the sun rises on another winter day. But change is in the air. Although the church moat (Mississippi River) is still frozen, the eagle pair has remodeled their nest and eggs are being tended. The music of geese and swans echoes through the river valley. The sun climbs a little higher each day and