It is below-zero cold

AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES it is below-zero cold, as in 10 degrees less than no degrees at all! So Koda the Forest Kitten came out to help the parson-caretaker feed the birds. Who were all gathered in Fellowship Hall, including great numbers of pine siskins and goldfinches. We checked the holy water in the heated bird bath and set out corn and sunflower seeds for the squirrels and jays. And of course the hot coffee, donuts and bear claws required for any Church gathering. Then Koda made one mad dash through the snow, begging to be roughed up and chased, before deciding it was indeed very cold. Whereupon he beat a retreat into the cabin to enjoy his brand new tunnel and cat-tree, by far the coolest toys he’s ever had!
In a postscript to our morning post, the local 6-point buck arrived late to Fellowship Hall, scattered the squirrels, polished off the donuts and drank all the coffee. New photo at the end.

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