A Day Of Peace and Tranquility

Peace and tranquility - In thw woods

TODAY IS A DAY OF PEACE and tranquility in the woods. Yesterday was less so, as Kathy was rushed to the ER at 5:30am with a racing heart—A-fib, we discovered. As the day went on, her heart rate crashed from 190 beats per minute to 29, her blood pressure with it, and she briefly lost consciousness. In moments, 14 people filled the room, with all manner of equipment. It was scary. The St. Cloud Hospital staff did a magnificent job, and our heart doctor, John Mahowald, although out of town, was on the phone and in close touch through the day. Today—just now—she is home, with new medications to keep heart rhythm regular and prevent clotting. We are very grateful, and hope that all who may deal with atrial fibrillation or similar challenges may receive the same wonderful level of care, wherever you are.

Now, as the bluejays practice esoteric vocalizations and little chickadees say their name, as chipmunks chip and a tree frog trills from a pine trunk, we rest and enjoy this little green bit of the world.

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