A wonderful young woman is composing “A Paddler’s Symphony”

“A Paddler’s Symphony

I WAS INFORMED TODAY that a wonderful young woman is composing “A Paddler’s Symphony”, using words and reflections from some of my wilderness writings like “Paddle Whispers.” What a great idea—A Paddler’s Symphony! I look forward to more information to come. Meanwhile, here is a passage (and drawing) from Paddle Whispers:

“Sometimes the best paddling is in the evening. If the wind has been stiff during the day, or if I want to see a moose, or a beaver. Or fly among the reflections of stars. Or just smell the cool sweetness of the earth.

Tonight I paddle by the North Star. It’s a gentle spark, not nearly as bright as the planets. But it is constant, while they wander. Constellations—Cassiopeia, Draco, the Great and Little Bear, spin around it, turning with hour and season. But the North Star is still, a beacon for anyone on a journey through the night.

And if I keep letting it shine into me, for nights and nights and years and years, maybe one night I’ll shine back. Constant. Steady.”

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