A Wild Path, The Follow-Up Book Is Nearing Completion

HI GANG; MANY OF YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH MY MEMOIR, “DEEP WOODS, WILD WATERS.” I’m excited to say that work on the follow-up book, “A Wild Path,” is nearing completion.Should finish this spring. Again, it will be a collection of essays anchored by my experiences in, and feelings for, the natural world. With special attention paid to the Canoe Country. I hope it will be a book that readers can really soak up and sink into, with some humor, some warmth and depth, a bit of backwoods philosophy, and some adventures of the spirit. Published again by the University of Minnesota Press, hopefully next year.

I thought it would be fun, and maybe helpful to me, to give you a listing of the completed chapters at this time. I am curious to get your impressions, friends, of what titles sound intriguing–“Oh, I’d really like to read that.’ Or, “I wonder what that’s about?” Or, well, anything that strikes your fancy. Picking titles is always one of the most enjoyable, and tricky, parts of the process for me. Maybe you’d like to be part of the fun! Here they are, in no particular order. Your thoughts? Top three?
*Nature Boy: A Story of Wilderness Therapy
*Beethoven In The Pines
*Theater Of The Wild
*A Changing Of The Guard
*The Sky Dwellers
*Bad Weather (Charlie’s Fire)
*A Woodland Warning
*Sparky’s Close Call
*Toward The Wisdom Of Trees
*The Grand Tour
*Dreams Of The Lonely Land
*Computer Class For The Bronze Age
*Famous Grouse
*A Christmas Walk
*Frog-drownder On The Buffalo
*Morning Gratitude
*To Sleep By The Sundown Sea
*No Such Thing As Beauty
*Making Camp
*The First (And Only) Naturalist-Guided Motorcycle Tour Of Minnesota
*From The Wild Horizons
*The Fragrance Of Jasmine Tea
*A Flower On The Far Side Of The World
*Valley Of Light: Tramping The Hills With The Holy Trinity
*A Poem And A Prayer In Central Park
*In Search Of The Swamp Candle
*A Cabin In The Woods
*Slowing Down (?Z

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