An Edifying Snow Day

HERE AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES we awaken to another inundation. Limb-sized snow bombs roused us several times during the night, shaking the little cabin—and at least one large limb broke off and fell on the deck.

But we arise this morning to sparking sunshine and a barometer that says the storm is past.

Yesterday was The Caretaker’s first really vigorous day since a heart procedure, as hours were spent on the roof pushing off snow and attacking ice dams weighing tons, and causing the roof to begin to leak in a few places. The dams built up during my convalescence. As of last night they were largely gone, succumbing to Calcium Chloride placed strategically in panty hose, and sprinkled in clever channels at appropriate spots. You can imagine the thrill when the new ice, sleet and snow began to accumulate again in the evening! So, back up on the roof today.

It is humbling, and edifying, to be the unpaid Caretaker at a little church made of pine trees, with a congregation of (mostly) squirrels and birds. But the spiritual rewards are many. And that’s what Church is all about, yes?

Today Sparky The Cardinal sings brightly from snow covered limbs and the little Pine Siskins call ‘Sweet? Sweet? Sweeeet?’ And indeed they are. We are heartened to hear that the kids and grandkids made it all the way via automobile to Florida, chased by blizzards, thunderstorms, and tornadoes across the eastern half of the United States.

So today the Church O’The Pines is open for business. And anyone with a shovel or roof rake and time on their hands is welcome! Good sabbath to you!!!

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