At The Church O The Island

Church O the Island

AT THE CHURCH O THE ISLAND, work goes on—even on the sabbath—in cleaning up and clearing up from storm damage. With breaks , mind you. The breaks, of course, are more important than the work, especially on the sabbath. For there is always more work to do, and it never leaves a completely satisfactory or permanent result. But the breaks—well, for a tired, sweaty woodsman these offer the opportunity to gaze far away and think long thoughts. A few of them, perhaps, even productive. (Alright, not many.) But to look down the historic Voyageurs Highway, to watch clouds building or an eagle soaring, or to stop and listen to a chickadee or nibble a wintergreen berry, well, such things are always productive to the soul. Always. And so, occasionally, we rest. Good Sabbath to you…

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