Athletic and Inquisitive Red Squirrel

Stove pipe - the red squirrel

AND SO, WITH THE BLESSINGS of Kathy’s cardiologist, we arrived at Fawn Island, through rain and wind squalls, and now have a cozy fire going in the wood stove. But before the fire could be laid, there was a small adventure… An athletic and inquisitive red squirrel decided to come down the stove pipe (opening 8 feet above the cabin roof) and go exploring. Its exploration ended in the wood stove, as we were alerted by frantic squeaking and scratching, as he/she tried to climb back UP the pipe.

That didn’t work.
This resulted in Concern and Consternation. On the part of the squirrel, and the (supposed) proprietors of the cabin. A bit of staring through the stove-glass window ensued, during breaks between stovepipe-scaling. Which remained unproductive. Thinking caps were put on. By the proprietors and—one would assume—the squirrel. This was also unproductive.

But eventually an idea was hatched. Sort of. A grandchild’s small butterfly net was acquired from the equipment room. Leather gloves were donned, by the husband. The wife offered helpful advice and commentary, from a distance. The stove door was opened, the net deftly placed over the semi-exhausted rodent. A gloved hand caught the little creature, and into the Great Outdoors it was returned, with appropriate admonishments.
So now we have a fire. And a story. And a squirrel in dire need of a bath.

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