Baby Owl Found

This afternoon, a small adventure here at the Pine Point Woods, the kind that often happens in the Spring. I found a baby Great Horned Owl on the ground, a refugee from a nest high above. Far too young to care for himself. Mama Owl was calling and flying from tree to tree nearby. After a call to my good friend Elaine Thrune, an expert wildlife rehabber, and with her assistance, I got Little Brother Owl into a wicker bicycle basket tied to a White Pine trunk, 25 feet off the ground. A very cute little guy. Now fingers are crossed!


April 20th UPDATE

Good News Update: The little owlet (not much more than a week old) that we rescued yesterday and put in a bicycle basket high up in a white pine, survived a cold, all night rain. It is still in its basket, cheeping and squeaking, poking its head up and stretching its wings. Mama is in a tree nearby, going through its own repertoire of vocalizations and no doubt bringing mice or other morsels when no one is watching. So far so good!


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