Beautiful Summer Morning

IT IS A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER MORNING at the Church O’ The Pines. Things are blooming in Kathy’s Gardens. All kinds of things. I don’t know all of their names because I specialize more in the flowers of field and forest. But I know a bunch of them are lilies–all kinds and colors.

The hummingbirds are busy, and although we enjoy it when our choir members are singing the lyrics to the hymns, it is also pleasant to hear someone just humming along. Not all are glorified soloists like Sparky the Cardinal. Young bluejays squawk and squeal. and young pileated woodpeckers practice coming in for a landing on vertical tree trunks–not always successfully. The chickadees sing as sweetly as ever.

The river is low, and reminds us that Life itself goes through its ebbs and flows, that sometimes we go through a spell when the water table is low, or the wetlands are low, or spirits are low. It is easy for spirits to be low when we hear of more mass shootings out in the Big World, beyond the confines of our gentle forest. With more dozens dead, and even more injured, it is comforting to be told once again by the Powers That Be and the Experts of the NRA that there is nothing–absolutely NOTHING–that can be done. That even though we may murder one another, dozens and even hundreds at a time, we are still The Greatest Nation On Earth, and with help from our Dear Leader are making ourselves Greater every day. And of course, thoughts and prayers are abundant, as always. So appreciated, so generous, so wise. One wishes that one of these Dorks-With-A-Gun, and those in power that protect them with anguished howls about the Second Amendment and the rights of all Americans to be armed to the teeth, all the time, with weapons specifically designed to shoot human beings as fast as possible–would embark on a self-improvement program. A low bar, a small and seemingly achievable goal, would be acceptable, such as becoming an actual human being.

Here in the Forest we have many congregation members who could assist–who, in the process of simply living their lives, blooming and growing and being who they are, offer lessons that human beings can absorb. Understanding how a tree becomes a tree somehow seems instructive in how a human being can become a real human being. And perhaps limits one’s urge to commit mayhem and mass destruction, or to aid and protect those who do.

But I digress, probably because stupidity and cynicism and inertia in the face of evil makes me ornery. At such moments I like to go for a walk in the woods, and smell Kathy’s flowers, and listen to the hummingbirds and Sparky The Cardinal and remember that there is still goodness and beauty in the world. Here at the Church O’ The Pines we wish you the peace and beauty of a warm summer day, unencumbered by idiots, wherever you may be. We wish you Good Sabbath…

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