Beyond This Glass Is An Eagle Nest

Beyond this Glass is an Eagle Nest - Douglas Wood

BEYOND THIS GLASS IS AN EAGLE NEST in a tall pine. Between the glass and the nest was a 100 foot pine we had to take down two days ago. Hopefully preventing the spread of beetles and definitely allowing sunshine down to the young pines below. Yesterday the eagles returned home and began renovating last year’s building project, with much flying, flapping, and chirping. Today they are much quieter—it could be that egg-laying is in the works. Today I got good news on two new books. Tomorrow, now that we are fully vaccinated, Kathy and I fly off to Florida to see family, including a granddaughter we haven’t seen for well over a year who needs a Grandma/Grandad-type hug. Or ten. We have made it through 2020, and the election, and the winter. Early spring is here and Sparky the Cardinal is singing his head off. For all these reasons and more, it is a good time for gratitude, and for a celebratory glass of wine on the deck. To all our friends and family—furred, feathered, needled, four-legged, rooted, and two-legged, and to the Spring sun, here’s to you. Cheers!

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