From the Log Cabin Studio

TODAY AT THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, Kathy had her ‘Play-Day’ piano recital for her kids. It likely will be the last group piano event she has for a while.


WE AMERICANS HAVE DEALT WITH AND OVERCOME A LOT in 240 years of reaching for dreams, fighting battles, righting our own wrongs, surviving disasters, striving to become a ‘more perfect union.’

Our Simon is Back

OUR LITTLE CAT, SIMON, HAS SPRING FEVER. This is of particular interest to us because a little less than a year ago, on Easter, his big brother Scooter died. Scooter-bug was our big personality, our constant buddy, and Simon had never known life without him.

Daylight Savings’ Sunlight

THIS MORNING AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, the ‘daylight savings’ sunlight streams through the stained glass windows. It illuminates the aisles and pews and the entire sanctuary.

Little Juniper

BONSAI OF THE DAY: Bonsai trees are meant to evoke grace and simplicity, peace, and balance. They are also living works of art that, in miniature, represent some of the characteristics of their brothers and sisters, the ‘big trees.’

Intimations and Murmurations

AT THE CHURCH O’THE PINES THIS WEEK, there have been stirrings among the congregation. Intimations and murmurations. There have been rumblings. No one knows for certain the reason for this disquiet.

Bonsai of the Day: Juniper

BONSAI TREES SYMBOLIZE A NUMBER OF GOOD THINGS… Peace, harmony, balance, simplicity, an order of thoughts, and all that is good in nature.

Bonsai of the Day

MANY OF YOU READERS KNOW OF MY GREAT FONDNESS FOR TREES. Lately, I have even returned to a hobby of 25 years ago, caring for bonsai trees.

Excerpt From Fawn Island

Today’s Wood’s Lore speaks to being who you are and belonging to where you are. It’s about an aged little Jack Pine on a rocky point in Rainy Lake. Excerpt from my book, Fawn Island…