China Trip 2019 Review #5- Sights and Sounds

AS I LOOK BACK OVER MY TRIP TO CHINA, all the extraordinary visions and scenes and experiences, it is the people who stand out most. Mr. Ao, the publisher who is bringing my books, music, and message to China. My wonderful interpreter and guide, Lucia. Young Yun who behind the scenes helped to organize and make everything work. Jade-and-Beauty who

China Trip 2019 Review #4- Church in the Pines – reflections of China Visit

AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES THIS MORNING, we defer to my recent trip to China, and to an extraordinary visit to another sort of church—the legendary Shaolin Temple over the Yellow River in the mountains near Zhengzhou. Made famous by Hollywood and the David Carradine Kung Fu series, this home of Chinese Ch’an Buddhism (precursor of Zen) dates back

China Trip 2019 Review #3- Bonsai Garden

ONE OF THE GREAT PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS OF MY RECENT TRIP TO CHINA was a visit to a magnificent Bonsai Garden high in the misty mountains over Chongqing. I LOVE bonsai trees and used to grow them myself before moving into the woods where I have many big trees, rather than small ones, to care for. Mr.Ao, my Chinese publisher-host, was

China Trip 2019 Review #2- Dragon Pavilion in Kaifeng

AT THE DRAGON PAVILION IN KAIFENG, site of an astonishing temple from the Qing Empire, I had the chance to make the acquaintance of this beautiful young lady, holding tight to her cotton candy. My brother Bruce, who accompanied me for the entire trip, is seen with me at the the base of the temple, similar in scope to ancient

China Trip 2019 Review #1- Friends

FRIENDS: I have taken a couple days since my return from China to process and absorb the extraordinary things I saw and experienced and the wonderful people I met. That’s going to take awhile. I will be returning for more trips in the future,


HELLO FRIENDS: RETURNED TO U.S. YESTERDAY AFTER AN INCREDIBLE 2 WEEK SPEAKING TOUR OF CHINA. More to come on that. As we descended to Seattle from over the Pacific, watched the dawn break over Mount Rainier—seen here looming it’s head into the clouds—fine welcome and a very fine sight to behold. On my way back to Good Old Minnesota now.

Preparing to Leave for a Speaking Tour of China

IT IS A BUSY DAY AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, as one of the caretakers—me—is preparing to leave for a speaking tour of China. This requires much help from the other caretaker—Kathy—as I am not a very Organized Person.


ENTRANCE TO THE GOLD MINE ON RAINY LAKE’S BUSHYHEAD ISLAND. Active 125 years ago in the days of the Rainy Lake Gold Rush, and boomtown Rainy Lake City, now completely vanished. Yes, gold was found here, but never in sufficient quantities to make anybody rich.

Who Remain Steadfastly Bright-Eyed

HERE AT THE GRAND ESTATE FONDLY KNOWN AS THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, home to Old Turtle and other literary figures, it is a misty, moisty Sunday. The temperature has swung wildly between about 48 and 52 degrees, the sky varying between gray and very gray.