Bonsai of the Day: Mame


Bonsais symbolize peace, harmony, and balance, the tenacious fight of a tree against the elements, thus creating a miniature replica of all we admire in nature.Sometimes beautiful bonsais are quite large and impressive—for a miniature, potted tree. But they do not need to be large to be beautiful. This little juniper is trained in ‘mame’ or ‘small bonsai’ style. Barely 4 inches tall, it still symbolizes all that a larger tree could. All the foliage is swept in one direction, as though blown by the wind. It has a powerful, massive feel—if such a thing is possible in miniature. The trunk is strong, with one exposed root and a low hanging limb reaching out to the left. And under the shelter of the ‘great tree’, a couple of old philosophers are having a discussion. About something important, I believe…

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