Bonsai of the Day

MANY OF YOU READERS KNOW OF MY GREAT FONDNESS FOR TREES. Lately, I have even returned to a hobby of 25 years ago, caring for bonsai trees. So today we are beginning a new series of posts, the ‘bonsai of the day’, to be shared several times a week. We’ll start with several humble bonsais of my own, then continue with some of the loveliest trees in the world.

Bonsais symbolize peace, harmony, balance, and simplicity, an order of thoughts, and all that is good in nature. Also the tenacious struggle of a tree against the elements. These are all qualities I think are desirable at this time and at any time. And it simply gives me pleasure to hold them and look upon them, a pleasure I would like to share with you.

Enjoy this juniper with me, and perhaps smile at the aged Chinese philosophers engaged in animated discussion under a great, spreading tree, with a trilobite fossil ‘boulder’ in the shade on the other side.

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