Bonsai Zen Forest

IT IS A GOOD DAY at Pine Point, as we celebrate the delightful un-hiding of Trump’s taxes. As we look forward confidently to Joe Biden having a fine debate. As we anticipate our Minnesota Twins in the Playoffs! And as I gaze my little Bonsai Zen Forest, which includes two new recruits at the bottom of these pix. Almost all of my bonsais are ‘rescues’ from Home Depot or garden centers where most were being unintentionally killed, sometimes glued into inappropriate pots with no drainage–certain death. Or sometimes in plastic tubs awaiting planting in a yard. It is fun to save them or transform and work with them. It is calming and meditative, involving patience and mindfulness, love, and care while being in the company of Life and natural processes. In these socially distanced times, such a hobby seems more important than ever. Plus—I just like trees!

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