Book Update

DEAR CHURCH O’ THE PINES READERS: Thank you for your patience in awaiting the book! Preparation and printing are in the home stretch, and shipments should be going out in a couple of weeks if all goes well. I didn’t post about it but had another setback with my vision this spring, which slowed things down a bit. But all is better now and the book is looking good. Tales of Brother Fox and Brother Possum, Grandmother Turtle and Sparky the Cardinal, the Deacon Pines and all our many congregation members–going back for 7 years(!)–are compiled and edited, and I am eager to share them with you. It is going to be a little book of comfort and grace, not a lot of excitement or plot twists, but a reminder of the daily beauties and consolations of the soul, in a life lived near nature. Thanks for waiting, and we will be in touch soon! (Click the link below if you have not yet ordered.)

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