Books are All Out!

WELL, THE BOOKS ARE ALL OUT! SHIPPED!! GONE!!! WHOOPPEE!!!! The demand took off even faster than expected. Thanks so much for the great response and interest. More are being printed right now–so if you’d like to order more news about the chickadees and squirrels and foxes and cardinals and Caretakers, and how we spend our Sundays in the pines, go right ahead! For friends, relatives, anyone who might enjoy a little peace and quiet and spiritual renewal in a welcoming place…
If you have trouble with computers or websites, you can order the old fashioned way at PO Box 176, Sartell, MN 56377. Each book $10. S&H $7 for 1-3 books, then 50 cents more for each additional.

Here’s a little quiz: We have found one typo/misspelling in the whole book (so far). Anybody spot it yet? In the next printing it will be fixed, so have fun!


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