Brother Bear

IT IS A FINE SUMMER DAY at the Church O’ The Pines, with the summer wind blowing warm summer air through the pine tops. The wind chimes are singing, the fern fronds swaying and dancing. The Father of Waters/Church Moat has a chop on it, bouncing the baby mallards up and down, but they stick close to Mom and don’t seem to mind.

There was a certain amount of Excitement and Consternation earlier this week as an unusual visitor came calling. Brother Bear came strolling down the lane, pausing to look over some bird-feeding operations on the Point, then disappearing into our woods. This caused a flurry of alarming emails among the neighbors, but Bear was soon seen on the opposite side of the Moat, having apparently decided that Pine Point did not offer enough of his favorite cuisine. He is a fine swimmer and an excellent representative of the Omnivorous Denomination, and we wish him well.

The Church Grounds have proven, as always, to be a lovely refuge for many species this week, including the Caretakers, but we watch and listen with care to sites of other churches and other neighborhoods, and wish them an equal share of peace and justice. And Good Sabbath.

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