AS WE NAVIGATE anxious and treacherous times, it is important for each of us to maintain our own health and equilibrium. To keep our bow pointed in the direction we want to move, and to regularly do a few things that bring us peace and calm.

I got the canoe out today, my old friend, and within a dozen strokes across the water found myself unconsciously breathing a deep sigh, then blowing anxieties out into the autumn air. I’m sure I felt my blood pressure drop, and my pulse rate as well.
I encourage all my Facebook friends to find that quiet place—on a stream, in a park, in your yard or neighborhood, in your heart—and go there. And deeply breathe a sigh or two. It is impossible for a thinking, caring person not to feel distraught during these challenging days.
But still, as always, we must live each day one at a time, and maintain all the faith we can in ourselves and our fellow human beings—in the water that supports the canoe, in the trees that support the sky, in the life lessons and truths we have learned that still support us. Good paddling, my friends.

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