Caretaker’s Birthday

TODAY AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES IT IS A RED LETTER DAY, as it is the birthday of one of the Caretakers—Kathy! (My wife by marriage.) We celebrated last night with a nice dinner in the cabin, supplemented by a little wine and an old PBS Poirot Mystery.

Today, out amongst the congregation, spirits seem to be high, probably because of Kathy’s birthday. But it is possible the bright autumn sunshine, the soft breeze warming us up from frosty nighttime temperatures, and the repast spread in Fellowship Hall by the aforementioned Caretaker also have something to do with it. Voices are raised in song and organ music plays in the pines. A fine birthday celebration.
To top things off, this afternoon we get to visit and walk in the woods with grandchildren. What in all the world could be better. Wherever your place of communion with the great world and all its inhabitants, we wish you Good Sabbath!

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