China Trip 2019 Review #5- Sights and Sounds

AS I LOOK BACK OVER MY TRIP TO CHINA, all the extraordinary visions and scenes and experiences, it is the people who stand out most. Mr. Ao, the publisher who is bringing my books, music, and message to China. My wonderful interpreter and guide, Lucia. Young Yun who behind the scenes helped to organize and make everything work. Jade-and-Beauty who keeps the details and book sales on track. They pulled out all the stops—never have I been treated so royally, from promotion to grand dinners (one memorable one around a 30 foot diameter Round Table in a sumptuous palace, with gold dishes and a 15 course meal!) Meanwhile I also saw and met hurrying city-dwellers on scooters and bicycles, sweet school children, teachers and all variety of everyday folks. And now there are new and exciting opportunities ahead, with new books in the works and a new audience and market halfway round the world. I never expected any of it. As my brother, Bruce, put it rather poetically, “You have been striking the same bell in all your work for all these years. Who knew it would be heard over here?” I am grateful it has been, and so grateful for my new friends.

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