Choir Rehearsal

Choir Rehearsal

HERE AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES it is a rainy Wednesday, which is, of course, Church Choir rehearsal day. And the choir is in fine form. The ethereal Wood Thrush is playing the Pipes of Pan from deep in his green loft. The song echoes and trills and fills the woods with an otherworldly music. Even Sparky the Cardinal, our resident soloist, seems impressed.

We have many other singers and visitors here at this busy time of year. The Wood Warblers have been here by the dozens, including the Yellow Rumps (which I still prefer to call Myrtle Warblers) the Yellow Warbler, the Pine, the Black-and-White, the Chestnut-sided, and the Cape May. Our bold Orioles have returned. The House Wren–which in spite of his common name sings an uncommonly beautiful song–trills from the wood’s edge. The Ovenbird hollers, “Teacher, teacher, TEACHER!” from the forest. The Catbird offers an endless series of tuneful songs, punctuated by an occasional meow. And the sweet Robin sings its cheer-i-o each morning and evening.

Meanwhile, the Fox family seems to drop by each day between 8 and 9am, sometimes returning in the afternoon. No singing, but beautiful to see. And the Woodchucks cruise the grounds in silence, but for an occasional loud whistle. (Hence the colloquial name, ‘Whistle-pig.’)

In all, it is a fine time at the Church, even on a rainy day.

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