Church O’ the Pines Book Update

CHURCH O’ THE PINES BOOK UPDATE: Hi Everybody! If you ordered a new “Church O’ The Pines” book, it is going well and looking beautiful. The Church Caretaker/author has been busy mining, excavating, and editing entries from the past 7 years! Looks like we are on track for something close to the mid-May publication date we hoped for. If you sent in your order by mail, all those orders are in a neat pile in my grandmother’s old desk drawer. If you ordered through the Website store, those orders are all safely stored in a digital file. If you missed the news and didn’t yet order a book you can still do so! Just CLICK THE LINK BELOW. Or you can send a snail mail check to:

Douglas Wood, Box 176, Sartell, MN 56377. With mail checks, it is $10.70 each book, plus $7 & S&H for the first item, then another 75 cents per book for each additional item. Sparky The Cardinal, Brother Possum, the Chickadee Choir, and all the other congregation members are ready to visit your house!!

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