Church O’ the Pines Book

Hi Friends—Over the past year or two, many folks have inquired about the possibility of a book on the Church O’ The Pines. After the success of last year’s ‘Mucky Muck’ book, it is quite do-able. And with the near future holding limited engagements and extra time at home, this might be a perfect time to pull things together. It also occurs to me that a little book about the doings of church soloist Sparky the Cardinal, Brother ‘Possum, and Brother Fox, the Crow Clan and the Bluejay Band, the tall Deacon Pines and the wildflower sisters and brothers, the simple goodness of a church where all are welcome and all get along, and where the ‘coffee and donuts’ at Fellowship Hall are always fresh and available, might be welcome fare during some anxious times.

So, Brother ‘Possum and I would like to ask… how many of you, dear readers, might be interested in a Church O’ The Pines book, or 2 or 6, (let us know) full of sermons and church bulletins from the woods, illustrated with photos and original art, priced at about $10. All ordered books signed, of course. This will not be a legally binding document, mind you, but simply a survey to let us know if it makes sense to go ahead with the project. All here at the Church appreciate your response!

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