Church O’ The Pines Sacred Nature

HERE AT The Church O The Pines, we make no differentiation between nature and the realm of the sacred. We believe that heaven ‘is as much under our feet as over our heads.’ We agree with the Zen poet who said, “Green trees, fragrant grasses… a place not sacred? Where?”
We know that human beings are natural creatures, as much as mosquitoes or grizzly bears. We just often lose our way.
We feel that God may sometimes be found in a church of brick and mortar—and sometimes not. But is never missing in a forest. Or a desert. Or a mountain range.
We believe that silence is a voice. That wind through the pines was the first pipe organ. That bird songs are hymns. That tall trees are prophets. And that if we are very still, and aware, we may sometimes fit in, and be a part of it all.

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