Congregation Surrounded by Beauties

Congregation Surrounded by Beauties

HERE AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES, the congregation arrives, surrounded by beauties. And, of course, contributing to them. It is a good way to live. And, for our humble members, it does not seem to require extra effort—to live a good and purposeful life—just the normal exertion of being who they are. Winter is often difficult and calls for more exertion, and true, the woods is not splashed with the colors of blossoms and butterflies. But it has its own stark loveliness. And church choir soloist Sparky the Cardinal does his best to provide the color.

Our congregation is not as numerous as in summer months, but we still maintain good attendance. The parson keeps a careful roll. And with the church aisles and corridors deep with snow, it is easier to keep track of comings and goings. The small deer herd are daily visitors, always sampling the fare on the table in Fellowship Hall. Brother Possum is around, leaving his star-track prints. Brer Rabbit is about. And on the frozen river the Otter family leave evidence of their fun-loving, slip-sliding play.

Meanwhile our Flying Squirrel clan arrive every evening at dusk for their allotment of peanuts, and all the regulars from Nuthatches to Crows to Chickadees are here every day, bringing the snowy, silent woods to life. Sundays are special, of course. But truly no more special than Mondays or Thursdays. Which is OK. We all have the same favorite day here. As honorary Church member Winnie-the-Pooh said, our favorite day is always… today. We wish you all Good Sabbath!

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