Dastardly Duck

THE CARETAKERS RETURNED TO THE CHURCH O’THE PINES at about 2AM last night. This morning we awaken to a rainy day under the pines. But the congregation—particularly the saucy blue jays—seem in good spirits and glad to have us back. Our week at Fawn Island with family was great, and we are missing all of it—including good-morning and good-night hugs from grandchildren, and Bryan’s stupendous 3-course breakfasts with French press coffee every day! (It took me about one day to get used to that.) Many wonderful moments, memories made and fish caught. One small disappointment—the blueberry patch by the cabin was unusually meager, supplying enough for Bryan’s blueberry pancakes but not enough for Kathy’s world-famous Fawn Island blueberry pie.

We heard a tale from the grandchildren—tasked with berry picking—of a Depredating and Deceitful Duck making off with all the profits. Being a grandfather of a slightly skeptical nature, I thought this perhaps just a little bit overwrought. But in our last hour on the island, as I was lugging stuff down to the dock, I came upon the little pilferer waddling down the path ahead of me, plucking berries as it went. It then climbed the stone steps to the cabin, ending up in the Prime Patch, the one reserved for Kathy’s Pie, the one the grandchildren had claimed was depleted by a Dastardly Duck. Turns out they were telling the truth all along! Kathy even filmed the offender, in the midst of the crime…

To see the video, click here.

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