Daylight Savings’ Sunlight

THIS MORNING AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, the ‘daylight savings’ sunlight streams through the stained glass windows. It illuminates the aisles and pews and the entire sanctuary. Sparky the Cardinal, long our favorite church soloist, is energized by days of warmth and sunlight and in excellent voice, his ‘morning has broken’ hymns echoing through the forest. All the other singers seem inspired, and all add their voices to the morning chorus. The geese and swans fly up and down the still-frozen river, which is beginning to show dark splotches beneath the snow. The eaves of the Caretakers’ Cabin drip, drip, drip with their own gentle music. The snow-packed and icy lane through the woods is becoming rutted and mushy, and will soon make driving a challenge. But the Caretakers will manage. Everywhere change is in the air, and excitement, and anticipation. All here at the Church O The Pines wish you Good Sabbath!

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