Denominations of The Island

WE ARE AWAY FROM THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES for a few days as we visit the Denominations Of The Island. Loon is here, singing the praises of northern lakes. And Beaver and Otter and Muskrat. Brother Bear roams the woods, and Wolf is not far away. Little Red-eyed Vireo is busy counting every leaf in the birch tree by the cabin. The white-throats sing like a chorus of flutes and the ruby-crowned kinglets go “A hunting, a hunting, a hunting!” The blueberry bushes are loaded with blossoms and in a few weeks, we’ll be busy with buckets. The pines have new candles just getting started, as they continue to reach for the sky, and this old jack pine, somewhat hunched and battered by storms, welcomes the sunrise as it has for decades.

We are all battered by the storms of life from time to time. It is good to recognize the journeys of our fellow travelers in this world, to hear their songs and see their courage, and to welcome a new day. Good Sabbath to you.

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