Every Morning AT THE Church O’ The Pines

EVERY MORNING AT THE Church O’ The Pines, even when there are no services planned, Kathy begins the day by going out into the 117 degrees below zero churchyard to feed the chickadees. And nuthatches. And cardinals. And bluejays and goldfinches and woodpeckers and crows. And bunny rabbit. And red and gray squirrels. And deer. When it is 117 degrees below zero, mind you, this is not strictly as much fun as it is in June and July when the chipmunks follow her around at every step. But our woodland flock depends upon us—her—now more than ever. I know many of you feed your little congregations as well, as we do in Fellowsip Hall. Keep it up. It’s vital work. You’re keeping these important little souls, that brighten our days and save us from loneliness, alive. And as the Bartles and James guys used to say, they will “Thank you for your support!” Besides, nothing like having a conversation with a chickadee first thing in the morning.

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