Find Ourselves Back in the Snow

HAVING RETURNED FROM FLORIDA with tans, or burns, or something in between, we now find ourselves back in the snow, in the little cabin under the pines. But things are changing quickly. The eagles are busy at their nest, just 100 yards from the cabin door. They have been carrying sticks, rebuilding and refurbishing. And Kathy thinks there is egg-sitting now taking place. With no open water yet nearby.

Sandhill cranes are calling wildly up the flyway, followed by trumpeter swans bugling their ancient call. Geese are beginning to claim their spring spots on the sand points and islands. Our favorite Cardinal, Sparky, is singing his head off.
And the snow is melting.

So as The News depresses or irritates or agitates us, we are reminded that there is News on the river as well. Ancient, cyclical news. Good news. And it is important to pay attention to it as well.

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