Fireside Chat

PERHAPS YOU LONG TO HEAR A COMFORTING, AUTHORITATIVE VOICE OUT OF HISTORY. When the American people were uncertain and afraid. When they did not know how things were going to turn out, and would not know for a very long time. When the lives of their sons and daughters and fathers and loved ones could very likely be forfeit. When an aura of pessimism and even defeatism hung in the air. And this time came right on the heels of another terrible time just before it. This was the situation on Feb. 23, 1942, when Franklin Roosevelt gave one of his ‘fireside chats’ just shortly after the tragedy of Pearl Harbor when the fate of our nation and the world was clouded by fear and doubt. We rose to the occasion. We survived. And we were grateful for the words and the spirit of a leader who met the challenge of the times. Maybe you would like to hear his words and his voice now, in one of his greatest talks. We have such leaders now, but not in the White House. We will elevate them, we will step up, and we will survive. And we will be a BETTER nation on the other side of tragedy. For there is no sugar coating it. It will be that. Here is FDR.

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