Good Grief

THIS MORNING AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES… a family of young Flickers has descended upon the services. The parson clears his throat, the deacon pines call for order, but no discernible improvement in behavior is noted. The Blue Jay clan, fresh down from the hills in the back of their pick-up—playing banjos and blowing on jugs—arrives, and will take a back seat to no one when it comes to commotion and noise-making. The Gray Squirrels try scolding, but that only adds to the confusion. Now the culprits are disrespectfully splashing in the holy water and throwing donuts at each other in Fellowship Hall. Baby Eagle is screaming from the top of his tree. Poor Sparky the Cardinal has for the moment given up on singing one of his fine solos, and other church-goers roll their eyes and shake their heads, but nothing can be done. It is Sunday morning and all are welcome at our ecumenical services, and we would have it no other way. We hope that things are more peaceful at your chapel, wherever it may be. Good grief—I mean, Good Sabbath!!!

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