Good Music Makes All Things Better

BASED ON MY PHILOSOPHY THAT GOOD MUSIC MAKES ALL THINGS BETTER, I continue here my eclectic sharing of stuff that (I think) is great. If you remember the Tonight Show–the real Tonight Show with Johnny Carson–you undoubtedly remember the opening theme song. But the music I loved came at the very end of the night when things were winding down and the sandman was ready to work his magic. Then Doc and the band would play this slow, rich, languorous jazz tune that practically begged you to relax. To let the day go. It was always accompanied by the artwork on the TV screen–paintings of sunsets, palm trees, seashores, adding to that relaxed feeling. The tune was “Lil’ Darlin” written and arranged for the Count Basie Orchestra by Neil Hefti. So here it is. Just click the link. Enjoy the great picture gallery. Drift off, remember… and let a few cares melt away… I can almost guarantee it.

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