Happy Easter

GOOD MORNING FROM THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES. IT IS AN IMPORTANT DAY, perhaps the most important in human history. We even measure our calendars by the events of this day. It is a day with a simple and powerful message, unencumbered by dogmas, rules, or theologies; exclusions, ex-communications, or condemnations; sects or divisions or barriers or obstructions—none of which were a part of that first Easter morning. Such things have always seemed the equivalent of taking a great, artistic masterpiece and placing it in a cheap, dime-store frame—in which nothing is added and much is lost.

So… Happy Easter.

Happy Life more than Death.
Happy Hope more than Fear.
Happy Joy more than Sorrow.
Happy Light more than Darkness.
Happy Spring more than Winter.
Happy Beginnings more than Endings.
Happy Gain more than Loss.
Happy Good more than Evil.
Happy Love more than Hate.
Happy Morning more than Midnight.
Happy Rise more than Fall.
Happy Mystery behind it all.
From the Church O’ The Pines, Happy Easter.

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