Happy Father’s Day

HERE AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES by the 2400 mile long Church Pond, it is Father’s Day, and many of our members are celebrating. Quietly, of course. (Ours is a humble and modest congregation). So Happy Father’s Day to Papa Eagle in the tall pine near the Caretakers’ Cabin, who watched his eaglets fledge this weekend. Happy Father’s Day to Papa Oriole in the willow by the river. To Catbird in the bushes. To Papa Beaver in the riverbank, and to Brother Fox. To all the Goose and Duck Papa’s and the Kingfisher and even old brown-suited Woodchuck.

And while we are at it, Happy Father’s Day to Eric Wood and Bryan Wood, and Ryan Hanson, to Steve Borgstrom and Larry Dolphin and Scott Benjamin. To Terry Wilton and Mike Link and Tom Furnstahl and Jim Fitzpatrick, and Brian Holly, and Bruce Wood and Tom Wood and all the many, many great fathers and great friends in my life. Even if you are not faithful attendees here at the Church O The Pines. And also to me, of course, forever grateful to my dad and grandad and all they gave me, and even more grateful I have had the chance to pass those gifts on to my children and now to three sweet, smart, loving, and sometimes respectful grandchildren. It is a very fine day.

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