In December! We feared for our old grove

Snowy church o pines - our old grove

YESTERDAY AT THIS TIME we were anxious about the arrival of an extremely severe summer storm. In December! We feared for our old grove, here at the Church O’ The Pines. But the fiercest of the winds avoided us, and now Kathy’s festive red bows, put away from harm, once more festoon the welcoming pines along the lane. The chickadees—adapting to temperatures some 40 degrees lower than yesterday—gossip in the tree tops. The Three Crows tilt and play in the cold north wind. And the forest floor, mostly brown yesterday, wears a white blanket. Change can be swift.

We still hope for change among those in mindless denial of a changing climate, as unprecedented and dangerous weather events continue to unfold. We greet our tall, green friends this morning with gratitude and relief. And we hope that the many other folks who were not spared the storm, are coping well, and able to continue preparations for a fine and blessed Christmas.

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