Junior—The Baby Bald Eagle

the baby Bald Eagle

AND SO THE BIG DAY finally arrived at the Church O’The Pines. The day that Junior—the baby Bald Eagle from the nesting tree 150 feet from our Caretakers’ Cabin—after much squawking and debating, and should I or shouldn’t I, and maybe,maybe not—Junior decided. It was time. Time to fledge, to leave the safety and security of the only place he/she had ever known, and launch into the great world and the blue sky. Time to FLY!

But… eventually… where to land? Another big decision! How about… that? That strange rock, near the water, with plenty of room for inexperienced wings. In that big open space where the two-legged creatures are always going in and out of their nest made out of the big, brown sticks. They won’t mind. Here we go. Easy… Now… all I have to is tilt, tilt, tilt, slow down…slow DOWN!… angle the tail, reach with my feet—whoa, whoa, WHOA!!! There! I did it! YESSSS!

And so it was that Junior Eagle landed in the dooryard of the Church O’ The Pines. In the pool where the holy water is kept. And caused Concern and Consternation amongst the good congregation, those who were there to witness the historic event. It is Wednesday, church choir rehearsal night. And stories will be told. Oh, stories will be told…

Post script: It requires courage to be alive. Courage to leap into the unknown, to embrace an uncertain future, to trust your own wings and the invisible air beneath them. Sometimes we are lucky to witness such courage… and inspired to renew our own.

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