Just finished with a second Road Scholar trip

AFTER a busy, busy, busy winter and spring, just finished with a second Road Scholar trip and Kathy’s end-of-year piano recital, it feels wonderful to be back at Fawn Island, our retreat on Rainy Lake. Here in what one friend describes as the Dear Old Cabin (100 years old next year) we snuggle in and hide after crossing the big lake in wind, waves, and rain. The kitties—Koda and Simon—seem to have a special knack for getting comfortable and relaxing, and I will try and emulate them for a day or so, while Kathy busies herself next door in the new guest cottage. For 30 years now, we’ve been returning to this cabin, and every return is made with gratitude, with memories of loved ones no longer here, and thoughts and dreams of future memories to make—with grandchildren, family and friends. The wind howls outside, and waves crash the shore, but all is warm within.

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