Kathy’s Gardens

ONE OF THE WONDERFUL FEATURES of life at Pine Point Cabin is Kathy’s gardens. Hostas, geraniums, bleeding hearts, petunias, pansies, roses—the list is long. Even longer is the roll call of wildflowers in the woods. And sometimes there is a cross-over. Ostrich ferns and wild ginger have found their way into the “tame” gardens.

Then there is this one: Michigan Lily—Lilian Michiganense—an uncommon (in some states endangered) wild lily of the Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi Valley. Years ago Kathy was thrilled to find an isolated clump in our woods. But every year after, the deer ate them before they had a chance to bloom. So she finally transplanted them to our yard by the garage—where they are watched over, protected, watered, and occasionally sprayed with stinkum. Six feet tall, with striking, recurved petals, they bloom in mid-summer. And here they are…

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