Key Largo Club

IN THIS STRESSFUL TIME, we are told that to maintain our stability and mental health, we need to act—to DO the things we can do. Yesterday I spent the whole day cleaning and excavating the old carriage-house garage, also known as the Key Largo Club. Or, more completely, the Key Largo Canoeing, Camping, Fishing, Birding, and Motorcycling Club. And Golfing. (I occupy the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Sergeant at Arms, and Custodian.)

As a reward for my outstanding cleaning efforts, it was voted by the membership—unanimously—that I should be able to take the bike out today for the first spin of the year. So I did. It felt wonderful to do something natural and normal, that I would always look forward to this time of year. I hope that your friends are also able to do some small but vital things that keep you connected to who you are and make you smile.

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