Koda is Well

A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO, I let you all know about a little black kitten that came out of the woods one cold night, begging to be rescued. He was irresistible, and after many efforts to find where he came from, or find him a home, we ceased resisting.

We named him Koda, and adopted him. Many of you have been interested in his story. Well, Koda is doing well. With all his shots, and his neutering surgery, he has moved into the cabin as if it were always his home. He is beautiful and sweet and affectionate and endlessly curious, as a kitten should be. He loves to play. He has captured our hearts.

Our other longtime feline friend, Simon, remains uncaptured. But there are signs of progress. Koda is intent on making friends, although a bit boisterous in going about it. And we remain patient and committed. Yesterday, after many days of separation and holding in arms, we let Koda wander into the living room where Simon sat on the couch. In one moment, Koda leapt across the room, onto the couch, and nose to nose with Simon. Who recoiled in horror and hissed, of course. But this morning Simon approached on his own, within 4 inches, and simply meowed. Ah, peace and even friendship may be on the horizon! One wishes it were that near elsewhere in the world.

Last night I was loading the car for a week away. I look forward to the new friends I will meet, but I hate to go. I will miss my fine little friend—Koda means good friend in Dakota language. As I packed the car, I glanced toward the window, and saw a little black form, green eyes blazing like small torches, watching ‘Dad.’ He is a beautiful little being, and is enriching our lives. Anyway, that’s the update from the Pine Point cabin, Church O’ The Pines, where a little black kitten is doing well…

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