SO A COUPLE of days ago, I posted about the 10 month old (?) kitten who adopted us one cold and windy night last week. The little fellow got something like 984 ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ which might be a record for this page. And thank you for the 200-plus loving comments, also another record. Well, now it’s official. We’re keeping him and adopting him, as he has already adopted us.

And he has a name. It is Koda, nickname Kody. This Pine Point is a historical location, directly across the river from Peace Rock and an 1840’s trading post. Our property, we have learned, was a well-used campsite for Dakota people trading there (many artifacts recently found.) In the Dakota language the word for fast friend-almost brother is Koda. In old England, the name Kody means ‘help’ or helper. And in music (ours is a musical house and piano studio) a coda is climactic part part of a piece of music. So it all seems to fit. And we like the sound of it.

Today was Kody’s first day in the house from the garage. A soft, at a distance meeting with our cat Simon. Which went surprisingly well. Simon took it in stride, Koda got a bit agitated, but then calmed down and played and fell asleep in the back porch, listening to piano lessons. And was carried in to greet students. EVERY child said exactly the same thing—“He’s so cute!” And he is. So, things are off to a good start for this little friend, Koda. Thanks so much for ALL the good wishes. We will keep you posted.

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